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Jun '10

Geisha Girl for a Day

Unlike tourist photo-ops that encourage you to put on silly wigs, slap on a cheesy fake mustache or strap on a one-size-fits-all costume over your street clothes, going Geisha on the streets of Kyoto is a two-hour transformation experience. Guest blogger Glennyce Paetzmann, who visited the ancient Japanese capital back in 2003, reflects on the […]

Jun '10

Primping like Cleopatra, Flirting with Camels

Looks like Paris Hilton might be the ultimate Tacky Tourist Queen! Not only is she doing the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose at Cairo’s top tourist attractions, she also ups the ante by flashing cleavage in her backless maxi dress.  Only a Cleopatra wig and Bangles soundtrack would complete the scene. According to the London […]

Mar '10

Posing with Evel: A Tacky Tourist Tutorial

Take a look at Tacky Tourist Photos co-founder and curator Darren Garnick in the picture above. Sure, he’s one of the world’s most knowledgeable authorities on kitschy travel snapshots. But even he can occasionally forget the basics. There’s nothing particularly bad about this photo, but there’s nothing especially creative about it either. The best Tacky […]