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Sep '18

Buckingham Palace Guards Don’t Flinch

SUBMITTED BY: Bill Burke  LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2018) When Disneyphile Bill Burke last contributed to Tacky Tourist Photos, he chose a pose of himself with a Gamorrean Guard, a pig-human hybrid from the Star Wars universe. Now he’s toying with Buckingham Palace Guards at the England pavilion at EPCOT Center. Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage […]

Oct '11

Bin Laden or G.I. Joe?

SUBMITTED BY: Anonymous    LOCATION: Bethany Beach, Delaware (2011) Few civilian tourists get to hang out at the hand grenade training course at the Bethany Beach National Guard Base.  But our correspondent was surprised to see how cute these targets were. Is the bearded chap supposed to represent Osama Bin Laden or G.I. Joe in his […]

Oct '11

Smells like the KGB

Hey, the Nicaraguan military is available for reality TV shows, so why wouldn’t the Russian Army stop what it’s doing for an Avon perfume press conference? Fergie, whose passion for Tacky Tourist poses was just demonstrated by her waxual self-harassment at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds, used the ex-Soviet soldiers to promote her new fragrance, […]

May '11

Reenacting the Battle of Prada

SUBMITTED BY: Marco Perry LOCATION: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2011) Here’s something that Ken Burns neglected to include in his 10-hour Civil War documentary or his coffee table book. As the stylish South Beach Confederate battalion marched on Gettysburg, they maintained the element of surprise by storing their weapons and ammunition in the latest designer handbags. If […]

Oct '10

Never wear tie-dye to Basic Training

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2006) It’s wonderful for Disney to take a pro-military stand! Remember when we played with these Little Green Army Men as kids, tossing pebbles at their helpless platoons? Believe it or not, these toys are now “controversial.” Thanks for sticking up for the troops, Pixar! (The Zackin family […]

Oct '10

Least Intimidating Military Guards of All Time

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Xian, China (2010) Sorry, but when your military is wearing leather skirts and Las Vegas showgirl hats, you don’t scare us. (Brian Henderson is a well-traveled photojournalist with a passion for silly dance poses).

Nov '09

Military Make-Believe: Wanna play with my grenade launcher?

SUBMITTED BY: Emily Berezin   LOCATION: Baños, Ecuador (2007) When the Ecuadorian Special Forces are not sneaking across the Peruvian border or doing military drills with turtles in the Galapagos Islands, they like to play dress up. Specifically, they like to dress up young female American tourists with hopes of scoring a phone number or email […]

Sep '09

Tanks for the Memories: Channeling Michael Dukakis in Israel

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Graham   SECRET LOCATION: Somewhere in Israel (2004) We know it’s the wrong country. We know he lacks a cute little helmet with his name printed on it. But whenever a conservative talk show host poses with a tank, he’s thinking about 1988 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis: (Michael Graham is “Boston’s maestro […]