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Oct '12

Equator Ecstasy

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Wasserman  LOCATION: Somewhere on the Zero-Degree Latitude Line, Kenya (2010) This tourist sign looks like a junior high school geography mural, but it was a welcome sight for recreational jumper and travel blogger Michael Wasserman. Obsessed with imaginary lines, Michael later visited another Equator photo-op in nearby Uganda, a site crawling with […]

Sep '12

Magic Carpet Ride… Without the Rug

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman    LOCATION: Agra, India (2012) In Ancient Times, we know which tourist would have been the Court Jester! (Jumping Norman is one of the world’s most preeminent practitioners of the joyful frozen-in-midair photo-op.  You can see all of his work on his Facebook page.)

Dec '11

Jumpshot #1: Stonefaced Audience

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman  LOCATION: Easter Island, Chile From the same kooks who probably think the 1969 NASA Moon Landing was created in a secret CIA movie studio, we’ve been accused of creating some of our more surreal Tacky Tourist Photos in Adobe Photoshop.  The “Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts” shot in particular has a few conspiracy […]