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Nov '10

Getting sloshed with Ben Franklin

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K. LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2010) At least in Boston or Philadelphia, dressing like Ben Franklin makes you an instant chick magnet.

Nov '10

Oktoberfest Bunnies & Cows

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne    LOCATION: Munich, Germany (2010) Only a few hours into Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich becomes a giant Facebook page filled with alcohol-induced photo-ops. We have no idea what possesses grown men to dress in pink bunny pajamas and cows with exposed udders when there are no costume parties at any […]

Jan '10

Brand Loyalty

SUBMITTED BY: Laura, a.k.a. “The Wander Woman”  LOCATION: Daytona, Florida (2009) Awwwwwww, isn’t he SIMPLY ADORABLE? The Daytona 500 has no shortage of drunks, to be sure, but how many members of NASCAR nation go the extra mile to coordinate their wardrobe with their beverage?  Does he have cute little matching Jack Daniels socks, too? […]