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Archive for the ‘Tacky Holes in the Head’ Category

Aug '11

Immigrant Barbie

SUBMITTED BY: Peggy Dillon and Adrienne Lopes   LOCATION: Ellis Island, New York (2010) A brilliant exercise in historical product placement, Mattel and Ellis Island have teamed up to let you explore your ethnic heritage through cocktail dresses and itsy bitsy pairs of shoes. “Wouldn’t Barbie have had a pink boat, complete with a hair […]

Jul '11

Boys Will Be Girls

SUBMITTED BY: Beverly West Leach   LOCATION: Hershey, Pennsylvania (1997) Beverly’s son Zachary (then age 12) captured the spirit of the classic Coppertone Girl ad so well, that we think the suntan lotion company should sign him to a modeling contract. Especially since the real Coppertone Girl wants to put her past behind her. Yeah, Zach’s […]

Jul '11

Fake Pretzel, Fake Cleavage, Real Wedding

SUBMITTED BY: Eartha Kitsch   LOCATION: Rock City / Chattanooga, Tennessee (2007) Mr. and Mrs. Kitsch didn’t exchange matrimonial vows as their Oktoberfest alter-egos, but this fabulous photo-op was the centerpiece at their Lover’s Leap reception on Lookout Mountain. As you adjust to your new body image, you can actually see seven different states from the […]

Jun '11

Much sexier than the Bearded Lady

SUBMITTED BY: Carol Jones   LOCATION: Baraboo, Wisconsin (2009) There used to be a mystique surrounding a woman daring enough to flirt with a python. But today, snake ladies are quite commonplace at birthday parties, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Interested in the feminist trailblazers who forged the serpentine path for Britney Spears?  Check out the […]

Jan '11

Pale-Faced Rastas in Paradise

SUBMITTED BY: Elizabeth Rorem-Hull    LOCATION: Caye Caulker, Belize (2009) Elizabeth: “During Lobster Fest, after a water taxi ride, and quite a few too many drinks, we stumbled across this little gem! I have a strange fetish for these cut out things, and make my poor boyfriend take a picture in any one we come across.” […]

Sep '10

Revenge of the LEGO Mummy

SUBMITTED BY: Darren G.   LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts  (2010) You’d also go ballistic if all your buddies were entombed in gold and you got stuck with the LEGO funeral. (ALSO SEE: “Top of the Pyramid: Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts!“)

Aug '10

Summer Interspecies Romance

SUBMITTED BY: Greg Constantine LOCATION: Glen, NH (2010) Alice knew it would never last. Their forbidden love was awkward, punctuated by her delicate facial hair tickling the flamingo’s razor-sharp beak… If you’d like to read more of this interspecies romance, drop us a line at tackytouristphotos@gmail.com (Greg Constantine is a literature buff and science fiction […]

Jun '10

Farming for Puns

SUBMITTED BY: Natalie K.   LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (2010) Natalie got her mother-in-law Florence (above left) and parents Lloyd and Marilyn (below) to channel their inner John Cougar Mellencamps. Not so long ago, seeing a farm in America was a common occurrence. Now, at the Barefoot Landing tourist area, farmers are quaint fictional characters […]

Jan '10

Frozen Drinks, Frozen Tush

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman  LOCATION: Copenhagen (2009) Eugene Mirman, the edgiest Russian-American comedian since Yakov Smirnoff, relaxes at the Icebar at Copenhagen’s Icehotel during some downtime at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Revelers are issued Antarctic-quality parkas — which really alters the meat-market singles scene — and there are plenty of goofy photo-ops for […]

Dec '09

Holes-in-the-Head in the Holy Land

SUBMITTED BY: Rebecca & Steven Resnick     LOCATION: Israel (2008) Their family vacation was only a year ago, but Rebecca and her brother Steven can’t remember exactly where they took these precious “Hole-in-the-Head” shots of Moses and a Crusader. “We know it was somewhere in northern Israel, possibly in the Golan Heights area, but disagree on […]

Dec '09

Can’t afford to SEE the Mona Lisa? Then BE the Mona Lisa!

NASHUA, NH — To raise money for the Nashua Soup Kitchen, the curators of TackyTouristPhotos.com will stage a daring and ambitious piece of performance art called “Be the Mona Lisa” at the Floating Art Gallery on Sunday, Dec. 6. Visitors will substitute their heads for the famous smiling lady immortalized by Leonardo da Vinci. Yes, […]

Oct '09

Our Hole-In-The-Head Theory

SUBMITTED BY: Robert Rizzo    LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (2009) If you take a piece of plywood, paint a goofy character — any character — cut a hole in the head and prop the wood up in the middle of the desert, within a half an hour, a busload of tourists will show up […]

Sep '09

Tacky Tutorial: The Importance of Passion

SUBMITTED BY: Chris Morena   LOCATION: Kissimmee, Florida (2009) Stuntman and character actor Chris Morena, who was once a line up suspect on NBC’s Law & Order, takes his tacky tourist photo-ops seriously. As well he should. Notice the passion and energy that Chris demonstrates as he interacts with the wooden board and the fake Will […]

Aug '09

Why does the new Jell-O Girl have beard stubble?

SUBMITTED BY: Paul Lehman PICTURED: John Oakes, Jr. LOCATION: Jell-O Museum, LeRoy, NY According to Salon Magazine, Jell-O is now the official feel-good food for this horrific economy. What better way to boost America’s spirits than by updating the classic Jell-O Girl, too? (John Oakes and Paul Lehman explore America’s backroads with the Nash Car […]

Aug '09

You are what you eat: Be the chocolate banana

SUBMITTED BY: Pam O’Meara   LOCATION: York Beach, Maine (2009) Somebody call Ralph Nader. This is one of the most insidious examples of product placement imaginable. Mere steps away from the frozen banana bicycle cart at York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo is an invitation for children to fantasize about being smothered in chocolate and rainbow ice cream […]