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Archive for the ‘Tacky Holes in the Head’ Category

Jul '18

Flutter Like a Knuckleball

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen   LOCATION: West Hartford, Connecticut (2018) Red Sox fan Erik Paulsen channels his inner butterfly at the “Winged Wonders” exhibit at the Connecticut Children’s Museum. (Erik Paulsen is a freelance video and film editor specializing in live remote sporting events. He’s worked for NBC Sports and ESPN on such events as […]

Jul '18

After Meeting an Ostrich, Why Would You Want to Eat One?

SUBMITTED BY: David Pryke  LOCATION: Curacao (2018) The Curacao Ostrich Farm is home to the largest population of ostriches outside of Africa. The farm serves up ostrich egg omelets and ostrich burgers in their Zambezi restaurant. But once you channel your inner ostrich like Dave has, why would you ever want to eat one? (David […]

Feb '16

What’s the Difference Between a Male and a Female Pineapple?

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson and Nancy Wong    LOCATION: Helemano Plantation, Hawaii (2016) We are NOT by any means experts in fruit anatomy. But modesty aside, we can’t figure out why the pineapple on the right needs to wear a bra. Here’s another hole-in-the-head photo-op at the wonderfully kitschy Helemano Plantation: (Photojournalist Brian Henderson is […]

Jun '14

Gone With The Empathy: Why is Scarlett Smiling?

SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc  LOCATION: Universal Studios, California (1985) It’s tough to line up your face in one of those hole-in-the-head photoboards. You have to make sure there’s not too much hair dangling through the hole, especially in cases when the color doesn’t match. You have to tilt your head at the perfect angle and […]

May '14

You’d Have to be NUTS Not to Love This Photo

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie and Ilya Mirman   LOCATION: Belfast, Maine (2014) This nutcracker looks like a lobster, from the hue to the anatomy of the tail and claws. It even looks like the artist ran out of paint. But this “Head in the Hole” sign board photo-op at Perry’s Nut House gets an A+ for […]

Mar '13

Co-ed Sumo Wrestling

SUBMITTED BY: Carissa Joho and Helena Birtasevic   LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan (2013) Ever fantasize about eating AS MUCH as you want and getting paid handsomely for fans to gawk at the results? At the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena, Carissa does her best to puff out her cheeks and pass as the real deal. (Carissa Joho is […]

Jan '13

Frisky and Fatigued

SUBMITTED BY: Alysha Lynch  LOCATION: Key West, Florida (2013) Mocking stereotypical tourists, the lifeblood of the Florida economy, nevertheless remains a popular sport. (Alysha Lynch is a competitive mud runner visiting Florida for the 2013 Ragnar Relay Race, a 200-mile sprint from Miami to Key West)

Apr '12

The Sodium King

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott  LOCATION: Krakow, Poland (2012) Salt MINES?  People used to risk their lives for table salt, even though the oceans are filled with the stuff? Apparently so, and now the Wieliczka Salt Mines, home of an underground Catholic chapel carved out of salt and all-salt sculptures of Pope John Paul II […]

Mar '12

Happy 100th Anniversary to the “Girl” Scouts

(In honor of the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary and the recent delivery of three boxes of Thin Mints to Tacky Tourist Photos headquarters, we are rerunning this classic submission from yesteryear.) SUBMITTED BY: Kris Carlson  LOCATION: Savannah, Georgia (1997) When Kris Carlson and her husband-to-be Phil were looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, they skipped […]

Jan '12

The Meanest Teacher in History

SUBMITTED BY: Kathie Fife   LOCATION: Hillsborough, NH (2011) Remember when educators carried rulers and would crack your wrists for chewing gum or misspelling a word? Well, in addition to shining the silverware of President Franklin Pierce, the Hillsborough Historical Society loves to romanticize mean old school teachers. (Kathie Fife is a nature photographer and greeting […]

Dec '11

Cactus Jumpers

SUBMITTED BY: Lisa and John Sarick   LOCATION: Joshua Tree, California (2008) This airborne antique convertible will never be confused with the Dukes of Hazzard‘s General Lee, but it’s where Lisa and John fell in love: Spin and Margie’s Desert Hideaway, “part boutique Inn, part Mexican hacienda and part artist’s palette.” Not sure any of […]

Oct '11

Meet the Newest Angel

SUBMITTED BY: Barrie Mirman   LOCATION: Cannes, France (2011) Once a year, you can find movie stars like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui gallivanting around Cannes during the film festival. The rest of the year you can BE them. (On special assignment from TTP, Barrie Mirman recently crashed a wedding on the riverbanks of […]

Oct '11

Bogged Down With Berries

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott LOCATION: Nantucket, Massachusetts (2011) The big question unanswered at the Nantucket Cranberry Festival: What’s underneath the red tide? Do cranberry farmers swish around the wet bogs in their bare feet, giving the juice that extra special bite? (Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, who blogs at Web Ink Now, most recently […]

Sep '11

Red Sox Rookie

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Garnick  LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2011) If your fourth grade son were chosen in the Major League Draft, would you insist that he finish his elementary school education? With the way that John Lackey, Tim Wakefield, John Lester, Josh Beckett and Andrew Miller have been pitching, the Sox desperately need to do some […]

Sep '11

Tough Guy Butterfly

SUBMITTED BY: Kyle Garnick and Sarah Ekbatani   LOCATION: Westford, Massachusetts (2010) There’s no better way to impress the ladies than to engage in some old-fashioned butterfly role play. (Kyle Garnick and Sarah Ekbatani are hip college students at the University of New Hampshire).