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Dec '10

Viking Opera Tryouts

SUBMITTED BY: Michelle and Rob J.   LOCATIONS: Sweden and Iceland (2009/2010) For years, young brothers Ben, David and Stephen have been jokingly told that their Swedish heritage has some Viking bloodlines. The faux genealogy usually came up when they had to brave cold weather. So naturally, the boys gravitated to these Viking Opera helmets during […]

Oct '10

Reverse Illegal Immigration

SUBMITTED BY: Margaret Ramlow   LOCATION: Nogales, Mexico (2010) A feeble attempt by Americans to sneak across the Arizona border, blend in with the locals, and steal Mexican jobs. (Retired registered nurse Margaret Ramlow reviews movies and writes about nature and politics on her Arizona Buddy blog.)

Oct '09

Beware of the Gaudy Gaudi Dragon

SUBMITTED BY: Betsy Hoffman   LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain (2009) Looks like a flamboyant gekko, but this costumed character is actually a touchy-feely dragon. It’s the Gaudi Dragon, Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s iconic mosiac fountain in Barcelona’s whimsical Parc Guell. According to Wikipedia, British author George Orwell reportedly hated Gaudi’s work — and what motivation could […]

Sep '09

The Eiffel Tower Dunce Cap

SUBMITTED BY: Brandon Pusey    LOCATION: Paris, France (2009) OK, so this Eiffel Tower hat trick isn’t perfect. The white tourist van protruding from Brandon’s cheek kills the magic. It’s extremely difficult to coax foreigners to choose a different parking space — especially in a foreign language in a foreign land. It should be noted […]

Jul '09

Crustacean Chicks

SUBMITTED BY: Ellie Mirman      PLACE: Boston (2007) There’s no greater guy magnet than a lobster skullcap that makes you look bald. (Despite being surrounded by lobster roll stands, Ellie Mirman has never tried the stuff.)