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Sep '12

Pumping PEZ

SUBMITTED BY: Stacy G.   LOCATION: Orange, Connecticut (2012) At the PEZ Visitors Center, right next to the PEZ factory, you can carry the weight of the Candy World on your shoulders. (Stacy G. has previously shared her Las Vegas fling with Roman Gladiators)

Nov '10

Jelly Bean Immortality

SUBMITTED BY: David C.    LOCATION: Fairfield, California (2010) Ronald Reagan took on the Soviet Union with a sweet tooth. We can’t wait to see the Jimmy Carter peanut mosaic, the Bill Clinton “Big Mac” montage and the Barack Obama cigarette sculpture! (The Jelly Belly Factory Tour also includes jelly bean portraits of Elvis, John Wayne, […]

Aug '10

Human Speed Bump

SUBMITTED BY: Hector Alejandro Farias    LOCATION: Seattle, WA (2010) In the shadows of crazed JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, here’s evidence that poor judgment at airports is now a national epidemic.

Aug '09

Ice Cream Clones: Does anyone know the difference between Ben & Jerry?

SUBMITTED BY: Colleen Dee Baker    LOCATION: Waterbury, Vermont At the risk of not getting invited to the next radical left-wing fundraiser in Vermont, can anyone tell the difference between Ben & Jerry’s muckety-mucks Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield? Looking for an out-of-body experience, a disgruntled Colleen stuck her head into either Ben or Jerry, leaving […]