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Jun '11

Rocking out in Oklahoma

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman    LOCATION: Pryor, Oklahoma (2011) Perhaps one of the country’s most prolific photographers of wax museum scenes (Jessica Simpson‘s patriotism, George Clooney‘s wedding, Tiger Woods‘ shenanigans, etc.), Ilya ironically stumbled across humans who pose like wax figures. The body language and facial expressions of the Gypsy Pistoleros almost seem too perfect, […]

Oct '09

Is it really necessary to use sexual innuendo to market a pumpkin festival?

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Damariscotta, Maine (2009) Shocker: Sex sells. Even at a Rated-G agricultural fair. The 1999 and 2007 World Champion Pumpkin Chunkers have been marketing their amazing pumpkin cannon with this slogan for a while — and they’re making a killing on t-shirts. Imagine the other products they could introduce under the […]