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Feb '12

Look, Don’t Touch

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen   LOCATION: Times Square, New York City (2012) When posing for a Tacky Tourist Photo, it is usually customary to embrace the quirky statue or mascot as if you are best friends. Yet, there is something rather skeevy about getting intimate with a Naked Cowboy you just met. Enter the brilliance […]

Feb '11

Killer Rabbit: Does Wall Drug live up to the hype?

Tweet SUBMITTED BY: Adriana Perez  LOCATION: Wall, South Dakota (2011) Anyone who’s ventured on a cross-country trip to find themselves, has likely found at least a hokey billboard teasing Wall Drug. The tourist mecca is about 75 miles from Mount Rushmore, but it hypes itself as a coming attraction from hundreds of miles away. Some […]

Sep '10

Revenge of the Lobster Taco

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Woods Hole, Massachusetts (2010) We admire Brian’s dedication and overall flexibility. Most contributors would look at the height of the lobster claw and say, “Screw it, my leg doesn’t bend that way!” (Photojournalist Brian Henderson is one of Tacky Tourist Photo’s most prolific contributors. Check out his enthusiasm about the […]

May '10

Would you like some bullets with those chicken fajitas?

SUBMITTED BY: Wendy and David LOCATION: Cancun, Mexico (mid-1990s) If a Mexican restaurant in the United States ever tried to set up this photo booth, they’d be suffocated by protestors railing about ethnic stereotypes and/or illegal immigration policies. In Mexico, however, anything goes. After a few tequilas, the Gringos will dress up in any costumes […]

Mar '10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

SUBMITTED BY: Romeo Vasquez Flores   LOCATION: Costa Rica (2010) It’s Tacky Tourist Doctrine that if you give tourists a goofy costume, they’ll put it on regardless of how ridiculous it may be.  Costa Rica’s InBioParque nature preserve gives kids and adults the opportunity to squeeze into Green Sea Turtle shells, a tribute to the […]

Sep '09

There’s NO WAY this homeowner is married

SUBMITTED BY: Robert Warner   LOCATION: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (2009) Nothing brightens up a Canadian roadtrip adventure more than seeing American cultural imperialism smiling from the natives’ lawns. Chances of an adult woman living in this house: ZERO. Otherwise this guy’s Simpsons fetish would be channeled through a few figurines in the recreation room or […]

Aug '09

Rejected for Miss August 2009

SUBMITTED BY: Brad from The Terrible Catsafterme LOCATION: Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Las Vegas (2009) Only one in five billion of us are fortunate enough to share our blessings as a Playboy centerfold. But the fantasy stays alive. A couple more glasses of wine, and Hugh Hefner might not be able to resist Brad’s sexy […]

Aug '09

Cold War meets Star Wars: Lonely Stormtrooper guards East Berlin

SUBMITTED BY: Dave Pryke   LOCATION: East Berlin, Germany (2009) When President Ronald Reagan dreamed of his Star Wars defense plan, this is not exactly what he had in mind. Filmmaker Dave Pryke encountered a lone Stormtrooper from Darth Vader’s legendary 501st Legion guarding the Brandenburg Gate, which stands just outside the site of the demolished […]

Aug '09

Grinning Gladiators

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick     LOCATION: Caesar’s Palace Hotel, Las Vegas (1995) Never leave your wife alone with two scantily-clad European guys! Notice the provocative knee bend. (Darren Garnick is a co-founder and curator for Tacky Tourist Photos.com)

Aug '09

The Naked Cowgirl: Working the streets as a tacky icon

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman    LOCATION: Times Square, New York (2009) When the chain restaurants, Ferris wheels and wax museums replaced the strippers during the Rudy Giuliani administration, Times Square became just another mall, albeit with much tougher parking. How refreshing, then, to stumble across Ms. Naked Cowgirl, a gregarious grandmotherly figure who’ll bite your head […]