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May '12

Your Friendly Neighborhood Crusaders

SUBMITTED BY: Ellie and Michael Mirman   LOCATION: Tel Arshaf (Tel Aviv), Israel (2012) Tourist sites are equally guilty of romanticizing the Vikings, but these Crusaders seem more likely to want to swap recipes than slit your throats! For the benefit of our Tacky Tourist history buffs, here’s the scoop on the Crusader fort just outside […]

Nov '09

Was Norm from “Cheers” on steroids?

SUBMITTED BY: Al Kaufman    LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts Ted Danson and Shelly Long could probably walk the streets of Boston unrecognized these days, but the city’s tourist district is still milking the dividends from “Cheers.” I mean, hey, who wouldn’t want to share a beer with a cardboard cutout of George Wendt? “I always wanted […]