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Sep '09

Snack Carefully: This ‘Popcorn Girl’ Might Beat the Crap Out of You

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos    LOCATION: Hopkinton County Fair, New Hampshire (2009) We have no problems using burly cigar-smoking guys and intimidation to sell popcorn. Just please change the sign!

Aug '09

Dedicated to every schmuck who’s ever shelled out a year’s salary (or more) for an engagement ring

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Mirman      LOCATION: Berlin, Germany Aren’t we all big schmucks for buying into the precious jewels premise in the first place? (Michael Mirman is a happily married software engineer with no regrets over any of his jewelry purchases).

Jul '09

K-Mart with two too many K’s

SUBMITTED BY: Sean Altman          LOCATION: Savonlinna, Finland (2009) Branding is everything in the business world, and the name of this supermarket was an instant turn-off for musician Sean Altman and his adorable daughter Ruby. “I uncovered no white supremacist groceries in there,” he says. “Although they did have a sale on white sheets with pre-cut […]