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Mar '12

Tutu in Times Square

Q: What do you call a hairy shirtless guy in a tutu lying on his back in the middle of the street? A: If you’re in Times Square, you call it Tuesday. Brooklyn photographer Bob Carey got some quizzical stares from New York City Police, who asked him if he was “well” based on his […]

Jun '11

The Lowest (and Liveliest) Place on Earth

SUBMITTED BY: Salena Stinchcombe   LOCATION: Dead Sea, Jordan (2007) No one has ever died from a shark attack in the Dead Sea, making it the ideal place to bodysurf and yuk it up in the mud… The water is 35-percent salt, making it impossible to sink, but still very possible to drown. You don’t want […]

Sep '10

Revenge of the Lobster Taco

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Woods Hole, Massachusetts (2010) We admire Brian’s dedication and overall flexibility. Most contributors would look at the height of the lobster claw and say, “Screw it, my leg doesn’t bend that way!” (Photojournalist Brian Henderson is one of Tacky Tourist Photo’s most prolific contributors. Check out his enthusiasm about the […]

Nov '09

Squish you like a Beach Bug

SUBMITTED BY: Leanna Battista    LOCATION: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire (2009) No matter what your age or size, it’s kinda humiliating to be crushed by a monster wearing purple nail polish. (Leanna Battista, a sweet mother of two, loves to vacation on the New Hampshire seashore).

Aug '09

The Sand Castle Prophecies: Mitt Romney or Ron Paul will be the next U.S. president

SUBMITTED BY: Peter Koziell   LOCATION: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (2008) Natural sand formations in the form of Republican Party leaders just don’t show up on the beach every day. Peter immediately interpreted his discovery as a sign from God: Either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul will defeat Barack Obama in 2012 to be the next […]