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Sep '18

Man-Eating Tuna

SUBMITTED BY: Isiah K.  LOCATION: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2018) Despite its meek, accountant-like appearance, the tuna occasionally can harbor violent tendencies. This is only one of the many things you’ll learn at the Senator John Heinz History Center! (Isiah K. is a middle school student in Massachusetts. He likes soccer, lacrosse and watching old TV commercials.)

Jul '18

After Meeting an Ostrich, Why Would You Want to Eat One?

SUBMITTED BY: David Pryke  LOCATION: Curacao (2018) The Curacao Ostrich Farm is home to the largest population of ostriches outside of Africa. The farm serves up ostrich egg omelets and ostrich burgers in their Zambezi restaurant. But once you channel your inner ostrich like Dave has, why would you ever want to eat one? (David […]

Jan '15

Opening Act at the Whaling Museum

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman  LOCATION: New Bedford, Massachusetts (2015) Move aside, ventriloquism — taxidermy humor is the next big thing in standup comedy. However, the seal’s not laughing. As if his forced deer-in-the-headlights facial expression isn’t sad enough, he’s forever stuck as the opening act at a whale museum. (Eugene Mirman is the founding director […]

Oct '14

Yellowstone Challenge: Who’s the Alpha Male?

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Silberberg   LOCATION: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming(2014) It’s every guy’s fantasy to grow a pair of antlers and bang heads with anyone who threatens his backpacking dominance. We’ve never seen either of these guys lock antlers before, but we’re betting on the guy on the right. The guy without the pair of purple […]

Jul '14

This Preying Mantis Must Be a Yankees or Orioles Fan

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick   LOCATION: Downtown Container Park, Las Vegas (2014) Angered by the juvenile petty behavior of David Price, this Mantis took out his rage on the first Tampa Bay Rays fan he could find. (Darren Garnick is co-founding curator of Tacky Tourist Photos.)

Jul '13

Cappuccino Cowboy

SUBMITTED BY: Jamie Thompson    LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts (2013) Remember that Driver’s Ed test where the instructor would balance a cup of coffee on the dashboard and if it spilled, you’d fail your exam? Well, try clinging to a wild bronco (well, a stationary donkey) without spilling your Starbucks! (Jamie Thompson is the co-founder and CEO […]

Apr '13

This is What Fear Looks Like

SUBMITTED BY: Stacey Dunn Reid   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012) We all know from the movie “Jurassic Park” that the T-Rex is a ruthless and heartless beast that will crush you to bits with little or no warning. Nowhere is safe. You could even be eaten while you are on the toilet. With that actor’s […]

Mar '12

Bear With Me…

SUBMITTED BY: Ben Cole   LOCATION: Los Angeles, California (2012) Since 1984, UCLA athletes have won more gold medals at the Olympic Games than all but four countries. And this Bruins mascot has bitten more tourists than all other bear statues in America combined. We made up that last statistic, but the Olympics thing is […]

Feb '12

Fish Bait

SUBMITTED BY: Jay Hinspeter    LOCATION: Townsville, Queensland, Australia (2010) Very considerate of this parent not to stick his kids on the hook! This classic scene from the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium is just the latest example of Tacky Tourist Photos’ stellar fishing coverage around the globe.  If you’re a marine biology fan, check out […]

Nov '11

Mermaid Romance

SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc   LOCATION: Charlestown, Mass. (2011) When you kiss a fish, it is better with your eyes closed? Rumor has it that smooching with this Fish Sentinel, the official guard of City Square Park near Boston Harbor, will make you grow fins. (Noelle Boc is a hip children’s librarian and movie reviewer […]

Sep '11

Got Milk?

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K.  LOCATION: Middlebury, Vermont (2011) So if you’re in the market for a cheese factory, the abandoned Kennedy Brothers property is for sale. Not sure if this eyeless cow will be tossed in the deal, but odds are that she will be living in a University of Vermont or Middlebury College dorm […]

Jul '11

The Sinister Armadillo

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson   LOCATION: Houston, Texas (2011) The shiny mascot of Goode’s Armadillo Palace — a local BBQ and music joint — looks sweet and innocent by day. But after nightfall, it turns evil. Be forewarned! (Brian Henderson is a photojournalist with an appetite as huge as the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Jul '11

Lobster Dinner

SUBMITTED BY: The Heater Family   LOCATION: Kensington, PEI (2011) If there were such a thing as lobster filmmakers, there would be plenty of human-themed horror movies. We pluck these creatures from their homes, boil them alive and then suck out their insides. At the Prince Edward Island Lobster Festival, it was time for a little […]

May '11

Urine (You’re in) for a big adventure!

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman   LOCATION: Moab, Utah (2011) On the right, Eugene’s horse is named Dalton. Katie’s horse is named Cisco. Years from now when they have grandchildren — Cisco and Dalton, not Eugene and Katie — they will be flipping through their photo album and reminiscing about their days working the trails at the […]