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Jul '11

Boys Will Be Girls

SUBMITTED BY: Beverly West Leach   LOCATION: Hershey, Pennsylvania (1997) Beverly’s son Zachary (then age 12) captured the spirit of the classic Coppertone Girl ad so well, that we think the suntan lotion company should sign him to a modeling contract. Especially since the real Coppertone Girl wants to put her past behind her. Yeah, Zach’s […]

Apr '10

How to Undersell Your City

SUBMITTED BY: Jonathan Willis    LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland Before you jump on the branding buffoons who came up with Baltimore’s “City That Reads” advertising slogan, take note that the city’s intelligentsia mocks it, too. Noting the high murder rate and births out of wedlock, locals have suggested that “The City That Bleeds” or “The City That […]

Aug '09

Why does the new Jell-O Girl have beard stubble?

SUBMITTED BY: Paul Lehman PICTURED: John Oakes, Jr. LOCATION: Jell-O Museum, LeRoy, NY According to Salon Magazine, Jell-O is now the official feel-good food for this horrific economy. What better way to boost America’s spirits than by updating the classic Jell-O Girl, too? (John Oakes and Paul Lehman explore America’s backroads with the Nash Car […]

Aug '09

Heartless Hollywood Snub: Why Christopher Guest should boycott the Chinese Oscars

SUBMITTED BY: Mark Zackin        LOCATION: Hong Kong, China Blah, blah, blah, blah, Ben Stiller, blah, blah, blah. We Americans often assume that the entire world speaks English and we grow very impatient when foreign movies hire foreign-speaking actors who require subtitles. Here, in the heart of Hong Kong’s commercial district, is evidence that many foreigners […]