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Oct '11

Smells like the KGB

Hey, the Nicaraguan military is available for reality TV shows, so why wouldn’t the Russian Army stop what it’s doing for an Avon perfume press conference? Fergie, whose passion for Tacky Tourist poses was just demonstrated by her waxual self-harassment at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds, used the ex-Soviet soldiers to promote her new fragrance, […]

Jul '11

Prince William: Canada doesn’t suck? Who knew?

Check out today’s CBC headline: “Prince William says Canada ‘far exceeded’ expectations“ Translation: “I thought this place was going to be kinda lame.” Canada can do far better for a celebrity tourist endorsement. Meanwhile, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton each received a ceremonial white cowboy hat upon entering the city of Calgary — a […]

Aug '10

Tacky Tourist Photos: “An easy way to waste a few hours of your day.”

The above headline is the flattering endorsement we just received from Away.com, a witty travel blog owned by Orbitz. Editor Lacy Morris names her Top 10 Tacky Souvenirs (Photo-ops @ Pisa are #4) and her historical insights on snowglobes are worth the click alone!

Jun '10

Yankees GM: There is “a time and place” for bras and thongs in the clubhouse!

Before you get all judgmental, what do YOU wear for a night out at the ballpark? Lady Gaga just strategically pulled off the Tacky Tourist Photo of the Decade by not only provocatively posing for 49,220 fans (we looked it up) during Friday’s 7th inning stretch, but also by prancing right past security for some […]

Jun '10

Primping like Cleopatra, Flirting with Camels

Looks like Paris Hilton might be the ultimate Tacky Tourist Queen! Not only is she doing the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose at Cairo’s top tourist attractions, she also ups the ante by flashing cleavage in her backless maxi dress.  Only a Cleopatra wig and Bangles soundtrack would complete the scene. According to the London […]

Feb '10

President Barack Obama poses for a Tacky Tourist Photo

Barack Obama has millions of friends. Barack Obama has millions of enemies. We don’t get caught up in domestic political squabbles here at Tacky Tourist Photos, although we do occasionally stick our nose into international affairs. Bottom line is this.  TTP loves Barack Obama for fulfilling our spirit and mission during this 2006 campaign stop. […]

Feb '10

Miss America contestants salute Tacky Tourist Photos!

Nothing charms a beautiful woman more than a Tacky Tourist Photo… The TTP curators happened to cross paths with all 53 Miss America contestants last week at a fashion show in Las Vegas — and world peace never came up once in conversation! Brooke, we appreciate the invite 🙂 Very classy, Amanda! Becki reminds us […]