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Dec '18

The Cactus Who Needed a Hug

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula Kane     LOCATION: Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizone (2018)

Fearlessly hugging a cactus that you know is incapable of hugging you back just might be the purest form of love.

After seeing this cactus attempting to hug itself in the lonely Arizona desert, Ursula selflessly sprung into action. Thorns be damned.

“He just looked like he needed a hug,” she explains.

(Ursula Kane is an artist and TV field producer from Massachusetts. She has previously alerted TTP fans to the World’s Largest Adirondack Chair in Vermont.)



Sep '11

World’s Largest Chair?

Vermont's largest Basin Harbor Adirondack Chair resides on Lake Champlain. (Click the picture to learn how BHC chairs differ from regular Adirondacks).

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K.   LOCATION: Lake Champlain, Vermont (2011)

Oh yes, there’s been a century-long battle to claim the World’s Largest Chair, a virtual arms race amongst fake oversized furniture makers.  Gardner, Massachusetts, aka “The Chair City,” has been making grown tourists look like Munchkins since at least 1910, based on this vintage postcard.

According to Roadside America, there are rival World’s Biggest Chairs in North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Alabama, Mississippi and Italy.

But in Vermont, this Adirondack chair is Queen, serving as the perfect billboard to sell “mini” ones that will better fit your tush.

(Ursula K. is a prolific Tacky Tourist Photos contributor with a passion for fiberglass cows).

Sep '11

Got Milk?

There's one place where cow worship is more widespread than in India -- the Land of Vermont!

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula K.  LOCATION: Middlebury, Vermont (2011)

So if you’re in the market for a cheese factory, the abandoned Kennedy Brothers property is for sale. Not sure if this eyeless cow will be tossed in the deal, but odds are that she will be living in a University of Vermont or Middlebury College dorm room soon.

(Ursula K recently got sloshed with America’s kite-flying patriot, Ben Franklin).


Aug '09

Ice Cream Clones: Does anyone know the difference between Ben & Jerry?

WAY COOLER THAN WHEATIES: Your childhood fantasy of being pictured on a carton of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is just a plane ticket away!

WAY COOLER THAN WHEATIES: Your childhood fantasy of being pictured on a carton of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream is just a plane ticket away!

SUBMITTED BY: Colleen Dee Baker    LOCATION: Waterbury, Vermont

At the risk of not getting invited to the next radical left-wing fundraiser in Vermont, can anyone tell the difference between Ben & Jerry’s muckety-mucks Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield?

Looking for an out-of-body experience, a disgruntled Colleen stuck her head into either Ben or Jerry, leaving the other guy for her husband Bob.

Colleen is upset that her favorite ice cream flavor of all time — Ben & Jerry’s “Vanilla Chocolate Chunk” — is buried in the symbolic Flavor Graveyard outside the factory, along with other discontinued treats such as “Fresh Georgia Peach,” “Rootbeer Float My Boat,” “Sweet Potato Pie,” and “S.N.A.F.U. (Strawberries Naturally All Fudged Up).”

“Vanilla Chocolate Chunk is like chocolate chip, except the chips were huge chunks of chocolate, and the ice cream was the most creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted,” says Colleen. “I’m salivating just thinking about it.”

Capping off her love for the dairy industry, she also scooted over to the nearby Cabot Cheese Factory to pose as a cow, which we hope was raised without recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). We don’t know your faces, Ben and Jerry, but we do read the propaganda on your cartons!

What’s most impressive is how Colleen scrunched her entire body behind this wood cut-out, reminiscent of how Wile E. Coyote hides behind those skinny trees and cactus.

iaColleen Dee Baker transmogrifies (we learned that word from a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip) into a cow in front of the Cabot Cheese Factory in Cabot, Vermont. We LOVE their extra sharp cheddar.

Colleen Dee Baker transmogrifies (we learned that word from a Calvin & Hobbes comic strip) into a cow in front of the Cabot Cheese Factory. We LOVE their extra sharp cheddar.

(Colleen Dee Baker is launching a zealous campaign to bring back Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Chocolate Chunk ice cream from the grave).

Jul '09


Doesn't matter if our heads are proportionate. Cut a hole in a piece of wood and we'll pose in it.

Doesn't matter if our heads are proportionate or not. Cut a hole in a piece of wood and we'll say cheese.

Vacation pictures are in a class by themselves, perhaps containing the highest percentage of contrived snapshots out of any other albums.

Some tourist attractions actually hang signs mandating that we pose with their recommended scenic backdrops. We cannot resist posing with corny mascots, sign boards with holes for our heads, and wacky sculptures such as the World’s Biggest Sombrero.

Sometimes we’ll even pay 30 bucks to wear the dirty rags of a Civil War soldier or 1930s dancing girl. C’mon, seriously, do you think those photo booths ever do laundry?

We leave our homes to go far away and prowl around other people’s homes. And we have to “prove” that we were there.

For many of us, taking pictures is the reason to go on vacation.

So join us, as we capture tacky poses, tacky places and tacky souvenirs with the noble goal of creating a handsome coffee table book that will grace Bed & Breakfasts from Rhode Island to Riyadh.