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Sep '11

Royal Flush

Did Steve overdose on the Caerphilly Steak & Cheese? (Click above for visiting information to Wales' most majestic toilet).

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Uzdanovich   LOCATION: Caerphilly, Wales (2011)

Caerphilly Castle is known for its 13th Century military significance, especially its role in preventing South Wales from being invaded by the imperialistic North Wales (actually we have no idea which Welsh were the good guys or the bad guys).

In any case, marble bathroom vanities weren’t a priority for the King.

(Learn more about Medieval Tacky Tourist History at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire).

May '11

A chiropractor’s fantasy

Witty irony at the Medieval fairgrounds

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin    LOCATION: Hebron, Connecticut (2010)

Hey, the Pilgrims didn’t have a monopoly on public humiliation. The Europeans were huge fans of exploiting shame, too.

Between the squeezed rib cages of women in corsets and the sore necks of suckers posing for this photo-op, the Renaissance Faire is a perpetual goldmine for chiropractors.

(Ari Zackin recently bathed in camel drool for a TTP modeling shoot in Israel.)