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Mar '11

Cuddling with Europe’s most notorious liar

Getting cozy with Pinocchio at a toy shop close to Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

SUBMITTED BY: Mariel Backman    LOCATION: Berlin, Germany (2011)

Early on in a dating relationship, how important is honesty in your man or boy toy?

(Travel buff Mariel Backman recently had fun “Crashing the Cold War” at the Berlin Wall).

Nov '10

Oktoberfest Bunnies & Cows

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne    LOCATION: Munich, Germany (2010)

Only a few hours into Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich becomes a giant Facebook page filled with alcohol-induced photo-ops. We have no idea what possesses grown men to dress in pink bunny pajamas and cows with exposed udders when there are no costume parties at any of the beer tents.

But what’s more bizarre is the sudden willingness to put your arms around strangers — extremely strange strangers you have little in common with.

“You like beer, Mr. Pink Bunny? ME, TOO!!!

(Kerry Byrne, aka “The Beer Traveler,” searches the world for the most fascinating pubs and breweries. You can vicariously live through his tastebuds on Twitter.)

Oct '10

Crashing the Cold War

Berlin's East Side Gallery, which still has a slab of the original Berlin Wall.

SUBMITTED BY: Mariel Backman     LOCATION: Berlin, Germany (2010)

People used to run away from the Berlin Wall out of fear of getting shot.

Now every last chunk of concrete is a coffee shop prop. The 1989 license plate date, of course, is when the Wall came down, making it safe for hipster artists everywhere.

Oct '10

Oktoberfest: Do these drinks come in kiddie sizes?

Kerry Byrne, aka "The Beer Traveler," at Oktoberfest

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne   LOCATION: Freising, Germany (2010)

You know what it takes to stay in business for a THOUSAND YEARS? Not being chintzy on the serving sizes.

At the historic Weihenstephan Brewery, founded in 1040, there is no such thing as a small!

(Kerry Byrne, aka “The Beer Traveler,” is visiting the World’s Oldest Brewery as part of his comprehensive coverage of Oktoberfest 2010. He is also one of America’s most respected authorities on “hardcore” football tailgating techniques — “from deep-frying to pig butchering.”)

Aug '09

Dedicated to every schmuck who’s ever shelled out a year’s salary (or more) for an engagement ring

A Schmuck-owned jewelry shop in Germany -- at least they are up front and honest with the customer.

A Schmuck-owned jewelry shop in Germany -- at least they are up front and honest with the customer.

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Mirman      LOCATION: Berlin, Germany

Aren’t we all big schmucks for buying into the precious jewels premise in the first place?

(Michael Mirman is a happily married software engineer with no regrets over any of his jewelry purchases).

Aug '09

Cold War meets Star Wars: Lonely Stormtrooper guards East Berlin

In the new demilitarized (kinda) Germany, a lone Stormtrooper begs for cash -- fetching a bargain one Euro to pose with tourists.

In the new demilitarized (kinda) Germany, a lone Stormtrooper begs for cash -- fetching a bargain one Euro to pose with tourists.

SUBMITTED BY: Dave Pryke   LOCATION: East Berlin, Germany (2009)

When President Ronald Reagan dreamed of his Star Wars defense plan, this is not exactly what he had in mind.

Filmmaker Dave Pryke encountered a lone Stormtrooper from Darth Vader’s legendary 501st Legion guarding the Brandenburg Gate, which stands just outside the site of the demolished Berlin Wall.

The Stormtrooper, who poses for tourist photos at the bargain basement price of one Euro ( $1.41 ), is standing in East Berlin, looking back at the West.  As a bonus, he is within spitting distance of the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, where Michael Jackson infamously dangled his baby from a balcony.


STORMTROOPER-MASK Have you invaded any tourist sites lately? Tacky Tourist Photos is seeking to compile a special tribute to Stormtroopers marching down the Las Vegas Strip, Princess Leias sauntering in Milan and Wookies doing the hula in Hawaii.

Click here for more information on submitting your favorite photos!

(Dave Pryke is a photojournalist and filmmaker working on a documentary about the Berlin Wall).

IMPORTANT UPDATE (2:30 p.m. Aug. 19th) — We have been informed by a member of Darth Vader’s 501st Legion that Legionaires are only allowed to charge money for pictures if the proceeds go to charity.  We do not believe this was the case for this German Stormtrooper, and thus it is unlikely he is a member of the 501st.  We apologize for the confusion and encourage you to donate generously at your next local philanthropic event.