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Sep '18

Buckingham Palace Guards Don’t Flinch

Buckingham Palace Guards, EPCOT England, Tacky Tourist Photos

SUBMITTED BY: Bill Burke  LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2018)

When Disneyphile Bill Burke last contributed to Tacky Tourist Photos, he chose a pose of himself with a Gamorrean Guard, a pig-human hybrid from the Star Wars universe.

Now he’s toying with Buckingham Palace Guards at the England pavilion at EPCOT Center.

Not surprisingly, there’s no shortage of annoying (and misinformed) tourists who think these guys are toy soldiers. Such as this incident from 2015:

Bill, of course, means no disrespect.

(Bill Burke is the author of Mousejunkies: Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix.”)

Dec '13

Squirrel! (Who Says Disney is Just For Kids?)

Hamming it "UP" with Dug at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

SUBMITTED BY: Daryl Morey  LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2013)

The #1 Dad Responsibility? Act like a goofball for your kids.

“Dug,” the Talking Dog from the Disney/Pixar film “UP,” eagerly recreates his Squirrel pose thousands of times a day.

It’s a role that Daryl can’t resist!

(Daryl Morey is our top Tacky Tourist Photos correspondent from Houston. He previously discovered the Rabbit With the Most Facial Hair in Shanghai, China.)

Apr '13

This is What Fear Looks Like

Run for Your Lives!

SUBMITTED BY: Stacey Dunn Reid   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012)

We all know from the movie “Jurassic Park” that the T-Rex is a ruthless and heartless beast that will crush you to bits with little or no warning. Nowhere is safe. You could even be eaten while you are on the toilet.

With that actor’s motivation in mind, Stacey strikes her most fearful pose at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park. It’s all in the hand gestures.

Stacey reacts to the idea of becoming a T-Rex's snack. Good thing she took that improvisational acting class in college.

A silent film actress is born!

(Do you have a funny amusement park or vacation photo to share? Please email it to tackytourist@pongr.com and be sure to include the place and date in the subject line)

Jan '13

Ice Cream Hugger

South of the Border's Pedro wants you to indulge your lust for lactose!

SUBMITTED BY: Brian Henderson and Anne Donelan   LOCATION: I-95, Dillon, South Carolina

Anyone who has ventured on a Florida roadtrip from any East Coast destination can attest to the marketing power of the South of the Border truck stop, a.k.a. “America’s Favorite Highway Oasis.”

It’s relentless Beat Down Marketing, pummeling you with billboard updates every mile a la the “100 Bottles of Beer” song. You’re now 39 miles away… You’re now 38 miles away… 37, 36, 35.

When the attack on your senses finally stops, who wouldn’t want to hug the nearest ice cream?

(Freelance photojournalist and cameraman Brian Henderson is a prolific contributor to Tacky Tourist Photos, filing dispatches spanning from San Francisco’s scrumptious Golden Gate Bridge to Uganda’s magical Equator line).

Jan '13

Frisky and Fatigued

Stereotyping Fat Tourists in Paradise

SUBMITTED BY: Alysha Lynch  LOCATION: Key West, Florida (2013)

Mocking stereotypical tourists, the lifeblood of the Florida economy, nevertheless remains a popular sport.

(Alysha Lynch is a competitive mud runner visiting Florida for the 2013 Ragnar Relay Race, a 200-mile sprint from Miami to Key West)

Dec '12

Pint-Sized Samson (or Delilah)

Get your Bible on at the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando!

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012)

Old Testament fans surely don’t wanna miss the chance to play the role of Samson at the Holy Land Experience Bible park on the outskirts of Disney World.  As you know, Samson destroyed the Temple to the Philistine god, Dagon (Judges 16:23-30), by pushing out the two central pillars, crushing himself in the process. (Archeologists have found evidence of an earthquake in the area at the time).

The Holy Land Experience’s engineers have wisely opted for the replica Dagon Temple NOT to collapse on park guests.

Dec '12

Don’t Make My LEGOs Angry…

Doomed at Downtown Disney's LEGO Store!

SUBMITTED BY: Greg Constantine   LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012)

… you won’t like them when they’re angry!

(Greg Constantine is the Founding Director and CEO of Galaxy Editing).

Jan '12

I dare you to bite my finger!

The Jurassic Park ride at the Universal Orlando Resort.

SUBMITTED BY: Allison Scott    LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2012)

Allison’s father, David, looks more like he is mocking the facial expressions of the T-Rex than he is acting terrified.

(David Meerman Scott is the author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”)

Sep '11

Kiss of the Century

The "Unconditional Surrender" statue commemorates the end of World War II. (Click pic to learn how you can submit your kiss to be immortalized here).

SUBMITTED BY: Mark Z.   LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida (2011)

The guy who made the Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago apparently specializes in providing opportunities to look up the skirts of fiberglass Amazonian women.

But Mark’s parents are a lot classier. They preferred to re-enact the famous spontaneous kiss between a sailor and a nurse in Times Square.

Turns out that this J. Seward Johnson sculpture is controversial, too.

(Learn the story of Edith Shain, the real nurse in the kiss photo made famous by Life Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt.)

Sep '11

Channeling Peter Pan


Prancing around at the Magic Kingdom (Click here to learn how to submit your favorite Disney World poses!)

SUBMITTED BY: Noelle Boc and Isabelle    LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2011)

Just like Buzz Lightyear’s muscle flexing sessions, Peter Pan teaches Walt Disney World visitors how to be confident and sassy. The key is making a fist as you put your hands on your hips and stick your chest out. Captain Hook would be very intimidated.

(Noelle Boc is a children’s librarian/rock musician who writes kids’ book reviews and is a parenting correspondent for Dad Does.)

Jul '11

Boys Will Be Girls

Young Zach re-enacts a classic advertising moment at Hersheypark.

SUBMITTED BY: Beverly West Leach   LOCATION: Hershey, Pennsylvania (1997)

Beverly’s son Zachary (then age 12) captured the spirit of the classic Coppertone Girl ad so well, that we think the suntan lotion company should sign him to a modeling contract.

Especially since the real Coppertone Girl wants to put her past behind her.

Yeah, Zach’s now 26. But the barrier for age and gender has already been broken in this advertising genre. Isn’t that right, Ernie Boch Jr.?

(Beverly West Leach is a graphic designer, artist and beekeeper from Ozark, Alabama. Watch her “girls” make honey at BevWestLeach.com)


May '11

Prohibition on the Planet Gamorr

Mousejunkies cult leader Bill Burke yuks it up with a sinister Gamorrean Guard at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

SUBMITTED BY: Bill Burke   LOCATION: Lake Buena Vista, Florida (2011)

According to the Wookieepedia, the Gamorreans were “porcine humanoids from the lush jungle Outer Rim planet of Gamorr, where their technological level was equivalent to lower technology periods that human civilizations experienced more than 25,000 years before the battle of Yavin.”

The piglike militants “also colonized the planet Pzob in the K749 system and were the majority sentient species on Lanthrym in the Elrood sector.”

If either of those historical factoids from “Return of the Jedi” mean ANYTHING to you, then you probably wished you were with Bill at the grand opening of the “Star Tours” attraction last month at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

“When my friend went to take the picture I was holding a beer,” Bill reveals. “The character shook its head, held its hand up and motioned for me to put it down. It could not be in the picture.”

“Even when the characters are supposed to be evil, they’re still very concerned about public images. I’m sure they were instructed to do this,” he adds.

Bill, aka “The Travel Guy” for the Boston Herald, also accurately notes that he is more physically menacing than this Gamorrean warrior — even without wearing an ounce of armor!

For the benefit of TTP readers who are also Star Wars geeks, the weapon in the photo is called an Arg’garok, a large axe designed for creatures with extraordinary upper body strength and a low center of gravity.

Also, take a closer look at the picture. To the left of Bill’s ear, there is a guide in a plaid vest. To the right of him, is a guy in a football jersey and black cowboy hat.  Inside sources tell us that cowboy guy is Dave Filoni, acclaimed director of “The Clone Wars.”

(Bill Burke is author of “Mousejunkies!: Tips, Tales and Tricks for a Disney World Fix.”)

Nov '10

When Disney endorsed public humiliation…

Why have the stockades disappeared from Disney theme parks?

SUBMITTED BY: Stacy G.      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (1976)

Any loving sister would want to lift you up for the full torture experience.

If only the Puritans knew that their preferred method of torture and humiliation would become a favorite amusement park photo-op centuries later.

(Tacky Tourist Photos would love to receive so-called “vintage” travel photos from your childhood, like these Disney pics or this other stockade gem from Williamsburg, Virginia. Click here for our extremely user-friendly submission process!)

UPDATE: We’re not afraid to admit when we make a mistake. We just learned from an authoritative source who returned from Disney World last week that these stockades are now in Liberty Square, near the steamboat.

Oct '10

Never wear tie-dye to Basic Training

The militarization of Disney World begins!

SUBMITTED BY: Ari Zackin      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (2006)

It’s wonderful for Disney to take a pro-military stand!

Remember when we played with these Little Green Army Men as kids, tossing pebbles at their helpless platoons?

Believe it or not, these toys are now “controversial.

Thanks for sticking up for the troops, Pixar!

(The Zackin family of Connecticut never misses a funny vacation photo-op. Ari Z. last delighted us with his camel drool shower.)

Jun '10

Shocking Role Reversal: Statue picks the nose of a tourist!

Spider-Man displays some rather unhero-like behavior at Universal Studios in Florida.

Spider-Man displays some rather unhero-like behavior at the Orlando Airport.

SUBMITTED BY: Mark and Ari Z. LOCATION: Florida (2010)

For those of us who grew up with The Electric Company version of Spider-Man, this scene is particularly disturbing.

Spider-Man is supposed to save the world and correct harmful spelling mistakes. He is not the classless kind of guy who violates the nasal passages of innocent bystanders.

Then again, based on the endless abuse inflicted by tourists, maybe it’s time that the statues fight back!