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Feb '11

OK, so we’re obsessed with Egypt this month — who isn’t?

Tip of the Mids -- Playing Goliath at Giza

SUBMITTED BY: Vinnie Raponi    LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009)

While peaceful Egyptian mobs are beating the crap out of American journalists, TTP is sharpening its focus on the cuter side of Cairo.

If Vinnie’s sharp fingernails get any closer, he’ll soon find out if the Great Pyramids of Giza are real or if they are cheap inflatable replicas.

Feb '11

DVD Discovery: “Despicable Me” features tacky tourist photos at the Egyptian pyramids!

We almost fell out of our chairs when we recently saw the opening scene of “Despicable Me,” the Steve Carell animated feature about a villain with poor self-esteem. The first few minutes of the film focus on tourists taking goofy pictures of themselves in front of the pyramids and doing the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose like the primping Paris Hilton.

Here’s the classic “Holding Up the Pyramids” shot which TTP readers have even seen done in reverse at the Louvre in Paris.

Again with the fat American tourist stereotypes. And the portrayal of tourists being so fixated on their camera lenses that they don’t bother to really soak in their surroundings.

We’re not big on conspiracy theories, but “Despicable Me” tosses out a possible scenario in which the Great Pyramids are stolen and are secretly replaced with cheap inflatable replicas!

Jan '10

Top of the Pyramid: Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts

The Infamous Cairo Camel Leap is not as easy as it looks!

The Infamous Cairo Camel Leap is not as easy as it looks!

SUBMITTED BY: Emily Berezin   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009)

Wouldn’t the Middle East Peace talks be a little less boring with cheerleaders?

This once-in-a-lifetime pose was not done with Photoshop or trick photography. Emily simply jumped off the camel, which is resting on its stomach on the scorching desert sands of Giza.

Emily’s enthusiasm, optimism and exuberance (we read a lot into a facial expression) represents the upbeat attitude of the Tacky Tourist Photos executive board as we launch a new decade of searching for the world’s silliest vacation photos.

From all of us here in the TTP newsroom, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(Globetrotter Emily Berezin, a pioneer in recycled supermarket fashions, frequently enjoys playing dress-up with the Ecuadorian military).

Mar '14

Art Gallery Romance

Unrequited Love at the Four Seasons Maui

SUBMITTED BY: Ilya Mirman  LOCATION: Maui, Hawaii (2014)

One guest rule sorely missing from the Four Seasons Resort in Maui: Don’t leave saliva on the artwork.

Sucking face with statues is a Tacky Tourist Tradition, whether it be the kissing the dry lips of the Egyptian Sphinx or puckering up with a common Boston Harbor fish.

Here’s a better perspective on the real size of the Four Seasons mascot:

Close Up

(Ilya Mirman is a rock concert photographer and the co-founder of Tacky Tourist Photos.)


Jan '13

Social Media Emperor

PR King David Meerman Scott in a past life?

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2013)

World famous papyrus researcher and Egyptian Ambassador Hassan Ragab was charmed by Disney’s EPCOT’s theme park — which inexplicably does not include Egypt — but he thought it was a bit “too computerized” for his tastes.

Ragab’s attempt at a “more human” amusement park is the Pharaonic Village, a time travel theme park celebrating the riches of Ancient Egypt.

Apparently, now is the time to visit modern Egypt. Crowds are non-existent because the average tourist is scared to go. Not David, though. He’s absolutely fearless, as evidenced by his willingness to be publicly photographed in King Tut’s pajamas.

(Social media strategist David Meerman Scott, author of the New Rules of Marketing and PR, is on a personal quest to visit 100 different countries. His next stop, Peru, will be Country #85).

Mar '12

Happy 100th Anniversary to the “Girl” Scouts

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace and Girl Scout Museum has become a honeymoon hotspot!

WEDDING PICTURE? The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace and Girl Scout Museum has become a honeymoon hotspot!

(In honor of the Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary and the recent delivery of three boxes of Thin Mints to Tacky Tourist Photos headquarters, we are rerunning this classic submission from yesteryear.)

SUBMITTED BY: Kris Carlson  LOCATION: Savannah, Georgia (1997)

When Kris Carlson and her husband-to-be Phil were looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, they skipped over the Vegas chapel and Niagara Falls heart-shaped hot tubs and went straight for the National Girl Scout Museum.

Kris is a s’more-loving Brownie leader who just couldn’t resist posing next to GSA founder Juliette Gordon Lowe.

“I’m sure the only reason Phil agreed to participate was because we were on our honeymoon,” she says. “Notice his happy smile. Can’t imagine him letting that photo be taken now!”

We’re impressed by the Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider fashions that the earliest girl scouts wore. We’d be even more impressed if Phil modeled the modern lime green uniform to surprise Kris on their next wedding anniversary.

Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low and two early Girl Scouts hang out in a random wheat field at a secret cookie marketing meeting

Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low and two early disciples hang out in a random wheat field at a secret cookie marketing meeting

(Kris Carlson is the author of “The Sweet Spot,” a young adult novel about teen angst and romance on a family-owned golf course. She’s also written elementary school nonfiction books on Ancient Egyptian Myths and Colonial Army Weaponry. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at http://www.krisasselin.blogspot.com/)

Dec '11

Jumpshot #1: Stonefaced Audience

Jumping Norman gets a tepid reaction from the residents of Easter Island.

SUBMITTED BY: Jumping Norman  LOCATION: Easter Island, Chile

From the same kooks who probably think the 1969 NASA Moon Landing was created in a secret CIA movie studio, we’ve been accused of creating some of our more surreal Tacky Tourist Photos in Adobe Photoshop.  The “Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts” shot in particular has a few conspiracy theorists wondering if the picture is “real.”

All it takes these days to capture your friends and family in orbit these days is a half-decent point-and-shoot camera with a sports setting — and the perfect angle.

Similar to planking and leisure diving, jumping shots have a global fanbase that keeps trying to top each other. Our friend “Jumping Norman” meticulously collects these images and catalogues them on Facebook, punctuating the year with the Jumping Norman Awards.

In honor of Jumping Norman’s contributions to the Tacky genre, we will be featuring his Award winners sporadically throughout the rest of the year.

Do you have any classic Jumpshots taken at a tourist attraction around the world?  Drop us a line at tackytouristphotos@gmail.com for a chance at dual immortality — with us and with Norman!

Aug '11

Winner of the Sphinx Rodeo

You don't have to go to Egypt or Las Vegas to see the Sphinx!


New Hampshire, home of Story Land‘s Sphinx, is a helluva lot safer than Cairo right now.

(Ari G. is a frequent Tacky Tourist Photo contributor who has munched the World’s Largest Box of Popcorn and bench pressed the Liberty Bell. His favorite ride is Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign.)


Aug '11

Smooching the Sphinx: Dry Lips?

Hooking up with a REALLY old boyfriend...

SUBMITTED BY: Dana Prey   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2009)

Wanna recreate the sensation of getting sensual with the Sphinx?  Go kiss a bucket of sand!

(Dana Prey is a bacon-loving Southern belle living in New England, who documents her competitive cycling addiction on her “Wall of Pain.”)

CURATOR’S PICK — Do you LOVE photographing ancient cultures with a tacky flair? Check out Emily’s classic Egyptian Cheerleader pose at the Great Pyramids.

Sep '10

Revenge of the LEGO Mummy

"I will NOT let your people go!"

SUBMITTED BY: Darren G.   LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts  (2010)

You’d also go ballistic if all your buddies were entombed in gold and you got stuck with the LEGO funeral.

(ALSO SEE: “Top of the Pyramid: Egyptian Cheerleading Tryouts!“)

Jun '10

Primping like Cleopatra, Flirting with Camels

The Associated Press captures Paris primping at the pyramids

The Associated Press captures Paris primping at the pyramids

Looks like Paris Hilton might be the ultimate Tacky Tourist Queen!

Not only is she doing the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose at Cairo’s top tourist attractions, she also ups the ante by flashing cleavage in her backless maxi dress.  Only a Cleopatra wig and Bangles soundtrack would complete the scene.

According to the London Daily Mail, the fashion icon also flashed a little too much flesh when she hiked up her skirt to get on a camel.  And she “kept fellow tourists entertained as she struck her typical red carpet poses beside ancient artifacts, including hieroglyphics and statues of Pharaohs.”

Paris steals attention from the other tourists (AP)

Paris steals attention from the other tourists (AP)

With all this time devoting to strutting, did Hilton actually bother to check out the endless rooms filled with mummies and bejeweled daggers?

Paris does the Tacky Tourist Strut

Paris does the Tacky Tourist Strut

And who’s wearing cooler headgear, Paris or King Ramses?

Paris: "So the Pharaohs think they are ALL THAT, but how many of them have 2 MILLION Twitter subscribers?

Aug '09

Tacky Tourist Photos condemns the Mona Lisa mugger, French police

MONA LISA MUGGING -- Should souvenir coffee cups be banned from the Louvre museum gift shop?

MONA LISA MUGGING -- Should souvenir coffee cups be banned from the Louvre museum gift shop?

By a unanimous 3-0 vote, the Executive Board of Directors of Tacky Tourist Photos unconditionally condemns the Russian tourist who threw her coffee mug at the Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre.

The London Telegraph recreates the scene here:

“Screams erupted from the 40-odd tourists jostling for position around Leonardo da Vinci’s enigmatic painted lady when the empty terracotta mug flew over their heads and smashed into the portrait.

“The Russian woman is thought to have bought it minutes earlier at the museum gift shop.”

Although the Mona Lisa is protected by bulletproof, mug-proof glass, we also condemn the Louvre security guards and French police for their weak response to the attack. Apparently, the woman is now staring at ink blots from a psychiatry couch instead of the appropriate punishment — being pummelled with coffee mugs.

“The Russian is being held in custody and has reportedly undergone a psychological examination,” The Telegraph reports.

“Doctors were trying to assess whether she was suffering from Stendhal Syndrome, a rare condition in which often perfectly sane individuals momentarily lose all reason and attack a work of art.”

Other press reports speculate that the Mona Lisa mugger was upset about being rejected for French citizenship. This would make the incident all the more outrageous.

The Mona Lisa is an Italian masterpiece. Attacking Italian art to retaliate against France is like punching an Egyptian mummy in the face to protest North Korean missile tests.

And we strongly condemn those missile tests, too.

(Note to TTP fans: After two consecutive days of condemning things, we return to our traditional photo line-up tomorrow.)