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Jan '10

Dancing Genie On a Bottle — Meet Coca Cola’s Next Spokesmodel?

I Dream of Salt Flats?

I Dream of Salt Flats?

SUBMITTED BY: Elizabeth    LOCATION: Salinas Grande Salt Flats, Argentina (2009)

If Coca Cola’s ad agencies don’t immediately snap up this spirited woman as their new spokesmodel, then Pepsi or RC Cola should POUNCE.

This is the most clever use of a Coke bottle since the anthropological comedy film “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”

But take a look at how Elizabeth sells the high-energy Coke Dance. Head in the clouds, wide smile, heartfelt use of the double peace sign. We envision a full line of Coke Genie action figures, dolls and accessories!

(Writer and photographer Elizabeth and her husband Dave devoted the last two months of 2008 and all of 2009 to a once-in-a-lifetime World Adventure, covering 26 different countries on six continents).