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Dec '18

The Cactus Who Needed a Hug

SUBMITTED BY: Ursula Kane     LOCATION: Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizone (2018)

Fearlessly hugging a cactus that you know is incapable of hugging you back just might be the purest form of love.

After seeing this cactus attempting to hug itself in the lonely Arizona desert, Ursula selflessly sprung into action. Thorns be damned.

“He just looked like he needed a hug,” she explains.

(Ursula Kane is an artist and TV field producer from Massachusetts. She has previously alerted TTP fans to the World’s Largest Adirondack Chair in Vermont.)



Jul '13

The Most Excited British Tourist in America

The Phone Booth Workout: Try the exercise craze that is sweeping the country! (Click to Enlarge)

SUBMITTED BY: Danny Bent   LOCATION: Route 66, Northern Arizona (2013)

Phone booths are a rare sight indeed these days, let alone foreign ones on American soil. So you’ll have to forgive the enthusiasm of backflippin’ Danny Bent, who did a one-handed handstand when he saw a vandalized booth from his homeland.

This is not a camera trick. Not Photoshop. And not a special booth with hidden handles or hooks for your feet.

Danny, an endurance athlete from Britain, does these kinds of poses all the time in his CrossFit classes. Adding the “pretend phone” hand gesture is classic improvisation.

(Triathlete Danny Bent, author of “You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir,” just crossed America in his Stinkmobile as part of the One Run For Boston charity team.)

Jan '12

Red Rocks Puppet

The Red Rocks of Sedona is a wonderful place to find a pet.

SUBMITTED BY: Debra Furlong, Mike and Christine     LOCATION: Sedona, Arizona (2011)

Dance for me, puppet!

In the mystical New Age paradise of Sedona, Arizona, where crystals and “positive energy” is sold at every gas station, there’s a small prancing tribe of gnomes who will perform on command.

Dec '10

Grand Canyon Yoga

Cliffside exercise is the latest rage!

SUBMITTED BY: Lorie Zackin   LOCATION: Grand Canyon, Arizona  (1997)

If you find exercising with Richard Simmons videos or the Wii Fit to be boring, stretching on the edge of the Grand Canyon can provide the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Don’t try this at home (just in case the Grand Canyon is your home).

(Tacky Tourist Disclaimer: Taking photos at the edge of a cliff can result in an undesirable outcome. Always measure the risks versus benefits when taking dangerous vacation pictures. And be educated. Here’s an overview of some recent unwise Grand Canyon photo-ops.)

Oct '10

Mocking Frogs

Silly vacation photos are not good for your posture.

SUBMITTED BY: Meg and Jack Keough    LOCATION: Sedona, Arizona (2003)

Chances of this guy kissing the frog and meeting his prince? The body language says it all.

(Meg Keough shares family vacation advice at Backpack to Buggy, a blog devoted to “Travel with the kids, not for the kids.” She’s extremely outspoken about the dangers of Indian street food.)

Oct '10

Reverse Illegal Immigration

Say Cheese, Gringos!

SUBMITTED BY: Margaret Ramlow   LOCATION: Nogales, Mexico (2010)

A feeble attempt by Americans to sneak across the Arizona border, blend in with the locals, and steal Mexican jobs.

(Retired registered nurse Margaret Ramlow reviews movies and writes about nature and politics on her Arizona Buddy blog.)

Sep '10

The Grand Exit

Not-So-Make-Believe: Tourists actually do plunge to their deaths trying to get as close as possible to the Grand Canyon's edge.

SUBMITTED BY: John Lazik    LOCATION: Grand Canyon, Arizona (1998)

John: “We found a spot where no one else was around and I noticed there was a significant amount of ground under the railing. The edge of the Canyon was a few feet away. We took a couple pictures until we had the shadows just right and it appeared as if I were falling into the abyss — clinging for life!”

Thank God, you didn’t die John so you could later go on to submit this picture and secure your legacy.

But the reality is that tourists do fall Wile E. Coyote style at the Grand Canyon in their quest for the perfect photo-ops or a better view.

— Here’s an Eagle Scout who wasn’t careful.

— Here’s a physician who ran to the edge and deliberately jumped cartoon style.

— According to National Geographic, it happened to a David Hasselhoff lookalike.

— And here’s an 18 year-old French tourist who plunged 75 feet while angling for a better photo and SURVIVED.

Here are the stats about falling at the Canyon. Don’t become one of them.