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Oct '13

Welcome to Detroit

Great sportswriters aren't afraid to take a hit every now and then.

SUBMITTED BY: Steve Buckley and Lindsay Berra  LOCATION: Detroit, Michigan (2013)

Boston greets you with its cute little ducklings. Philadelphia has a giant clothespin and the LOVE sculpture. Minneapolis is proud of their giant spoon.

Detroit?  Well, Detroit wants to punch you in the face.

Exploring the Motor City before the Red Sox-Tigers playoff game, Steve and Lindsay decided to get intimate with boxing legend Joe Louis’ knuckles.

Lindsay thinks Joe’s fists are amusing.  In 1938, German heavyweight champion Max Schmeling wasn’t laughing.

All Smiles: Lindsay shows why boxing is sometimes called the "Sweet Science."

(Steve Buckley is a sports columnist for the Boston Herald and co-author of “The Best Boston Sports Arguments: The 100 Most Controversial, Debatable Questions For Die-Hard Boston Fans,” which might be the longest titled book ever. Follow him on Twitter @BuckinBoston)

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