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Jul '13

The Most Excited British Tourist in America

The Phone Booth Workout: Try the exercise craze that is sweeping the country! (Click to Enlarge)

SUBMITTED BY: Danny Bent   LOCATION: Route 66, Northern Arizona (2013)

Phone booths are a rare sight indeed these days, let alone foreign ones on American soil. So you’ll have to forgive the enthusiasm of backflippin’ Danny Bent, who did a one-handed handstand when he saw a vandalized booth from his homeland.

This is not a camera trick. Not Photoshop. And not a special booth with hidden handles or hooks for your feet.

Danny, an endurance athlete from Britain, does these kinds of poses all the time in his CrossFit classes. Adding the “pretend phone” hand gesture is classic improvisation.

(Triathlete Danny Bent, author of “You’ve Gone Too Far This Time, Sir,” just crossed America in his Stinkmobile as part of the One Run For Boston charity team.)

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