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Feb '13

Lumberjack Lore: Minnesota vs. Maine Bragging Rights

Welcome to Bangor, home to the University of Maine, Stephen King novels and Paul Bunyan.

SUBMITTED BY: Erik Paulsen  LOCATION: Bangor, Maine (1995)

The lumberjacks of northern and central Maine claim that legendary giant Paul Bunyan was born there.

The lumberjacks of Minnesota claim the Land of 10,000 Lakes as Bunyan’s birthplace.

Who’s right? Who cares. The more kitschy Paul Bunyan statues in the world, the better.

Bemidji, Minnesota has a rival Bunyan (with Babe the Blue Ox) overlooking the Mississippi River.

Here are the stats:


Minnesota: 18 feet
Maine: 31 feet


Minnesota: 5000 lbs
Maine: 3,700 lbs

Date of Construction:

Minnesota: 1937
Maine: 1959


Minnesota: Wood and Steel
Maine: Fiberglass

Number of Paul Bunyan Petting Zoos:

Minnesota: 1
Maine: 0

Winner: The Bunyan Zoo pushes Minnesota’s roadside attraction over the edge.

(According to their Chamber of Commerce, Kodak once recognized the Minnesota statue as the second most photographed icon in America. But that was way before the Apple Store.)

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