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Jan '13

Social Media Emperor

PR King David Meerman Scott in a past life?

SUBMITTED BY: David Meerman Scott   LOCATION: Cairo, Egypt (2013)

World famous papyrus researcher and Egyptian Ambassador Hassan Ragab was charmed by Disney’s EPCOT’s theme park — which inexplicably does not include Egypt — but he thought it was a bit “too computerized” for his tastes.

Ragab’s attempt at a “more human” amusement park is the Pharaonic Village, a time travel theme park celebrating the riches of Ancient Egypt.

Apparently, now is the time to visit modern Egypt. Crowds are non-existent because the average tourist is scared to go. Not David, though. He’s absolutely fearless, as evidenced by his willingness to be publicly photographed in King Tut’s pajamas.

(Social media strategist David Meerman Scott, author of the New Rules of Marketing and PR, is on a personal quest to visit 100 different countries. His next stop, Peru, will be Country #85).

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