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Jan '13

Germ-Free Kiss With David Beckham

Getting close to Mr. Posh Spice, but not too close. (Double click for more info)

SUBMITTED BY: Lillie Marshall   LOCATION: London, England (2013)

Lillie’s smitten by David Beckham’s mannequin alter-ego at London’s Heathrow Airport. But logic wins out over lust as she keeps a “hygienic half-foot distance from the already-slobbered-on” British soccer star.

Besides imaginary romance (or “adultery” since her hubby was in plain view), check out Lillie’s other Best Things to Do on a Long Layover in London.

(Lillie Marshall is a Boston school teacher and prolific travel blogger who previously posed with menacing aliens and man-eating tigers for Tacky Tourist Photos).

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1 Comment » to “Germ-Free Kiss With David Beckham”

  1. Lillie Says:

    Ahh… Becks and I will always have London. 🙂

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