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Mar '12

Tutu in Times Square

Why has this tutu-clad man volunteered to be a tourist spectacle? Click the pic to find out.

Q: What do you call a hairy shirtless guy in a tutu lying on his back in the middle of the street?

A: If you’re in Times Square, you call it Tuesday.

Brooklyn photographer Bob Carey got some quizzical stares from New York City Police, who asked him if he was “well” based on his dress.  You might think that this costume would be a yawner for the cops, who see far more ludicrous fashions displayed every day in His and Hers versions.

Carey is the mastermind and fashion model for “The Tutu Project,” a fundraising campaign to honor his wife Linda’s ongoing battles with breast cancer. He’s done similar shoots in forests, corn fields, amusement parks, beaches and even an Italian castle.

What? You mean you DON'T dress like this when you're strolling the beach? Click the pic to learn what's motivating the Golden Gate Tutu.

(Bob Carey is the author of the upcoming photography book “Ballerina.” You can follow his tutu-fueled exploits on his Facebook page.)

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