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Aug '11

Topless Marilyn

Something missing, Miss Monroe? (Click photo for larger image).

SUBMITTED BY: Leigh Hanlon   LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2011)

Will the keywords “Marilyn Monroe” and “topless” send Tacky Tourist Photos’ web traffic through the stratosphere?

Maybe if this were still the year 1962.

(Photographer Leigh Hanlon, aka “The Chicago Cowboy,” blogs at ChicagoScope.com. Curious about this half-finished statue? Check out our Cheeky Controversy post about Chicago’s kitschiest tourist attraction).

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1 Comment » to “Topless Marilyn”

  1. Leigh Hanlon Says:

    A couple of days ago, some punk vandal tagged Marilyn left lower leg with graffiti. It’s been removed now.

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