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Aug '11

Immigrant Barbie

Coming to America in Style! (Click on the picture to learn more about the real Ellis Island experience)

SUBMITTED BY: Peggy Dillon and Adrienne Lopes   LOCATION: Ellis Island, New York (2010)

A brilliant exercise in historical product placement, Mattel and Ellis Island have teamed up to let you explore your ethnic heritage through cocktail dresses and itsy bitsy pairs of shoes.

“Wouldn’t Barbie have had a pink boat, complete with a hair salon and huge closet for her massive wardrobe?”  Peggy asks rhetorically.

When it comes to crossing the Atlantic on a steamship, it’s the only way to travel!

Explore Your Barbie Heritage: Dolls of the World

(Click here to buy your very own Ellis Island Barbie. Tacky Tourist Photos is not affiliated with Mattel or Barbie, but we strongly believe in the product.)


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