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Aug '11

What’s for dessert?

Ewan, Fiona and Cora reel in the catch of their lives. (Click the pic to visit the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, which has the most amazing collection of antique outboard motors and lures!)

SUBMITTED BY: Tim Chapman   LOCATION: Hayward, Wisconsin (2009)

These cute little anglers assume that this giant Sunfish will be satisfied with the worm and not go after the bigger treats at the end of the line.

In addition to fulfilling fishing fantasies, the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame also lets you crawl inside the belly of a four-story concrete and fiberglass muskellunge, better known as the Big Muskie.  Extra points for mocking his facial expressions.

The Hall of Fame's "Shrine to Anglers," The Big Musky can hold up to 20 people in its mouth.

(If you think you’ve caught a world record fish for real, check out the Hall of Fame’s stringent application requirements that recognize sportfishing achievements for 125 freshwater species.)

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