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Jul '11

Young John Travolta scales the Eiffel Tower

Groovy Baby! Remembering a time when bell-bottoms, tight shirts and Tacky Tourist Photos were the latest rage!

SUBMITTED BY: Raymond Hoffer    LOCATION: Paris, France (1972)

Backpacking through France after his freshman year of college, Raymond hopped from youth hostel to youth hostel in his disco duds and his copy of “Europe on $5 a Day.”

“As for my clothes, these were standard issue among college students at the time,” says Raymond. “Construction worker boots, bell bottom jeans with a wide leather belt and some kind of unique print t-shirt. I also traveled with a green Army/Navy bag over my shoulder.”

Fashions may fade, but the Eiffel Tower looks the same after all these years.

(Ray Hoffer is the publisher of “Before Disaster Strikes” magazine).


2 comments to “Young John Travolta scales the Eiffel Tower”

  1. Susan Says:

    If only video were around at the time…

  2. Howard Says:

    And, by golly, he had HAIR!!!

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