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Jul '11

TTP Founders: “We’re not mean like those other picture-of-the-day Websites!”

Click here to hear Tacky Tourist secrets revealed to WBUR's Monica Brady-Myerov

Thanks to NPR’s “Here and Now” program for today’s shoutout to Tacky Tourist Photos by replaying its 2010 interview with co-founders Ilya Mirman and Darren Garnick (fellow visionary Peter Koziell was with us in spirit).

Amongst the FASCINATING tidbits you’ll learn are:

* Strategies for invading South American countries with pretty college co-eds.

* How French bystanders responded to our creative Eiffel Tower photo shoot.

* The real motivation behind dressing as Anne of Green Gables.

* How to take the most creative vacation photos regardless of whether you are visiting an exotic locale or your neighborhood tourist trap.

* Why Turkish toilet seats are funny; and

* Why TTP refuses to make fun of the people pictured in our featured photos.

Click on the screenshot above to listen to the NPR segment. You’ll be thrilled that you did!

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1 Comment » to “TTP Founders: “We’re not mean like those other picture-of-the-day Websites!””

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