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Jul '11

The New Yorker blesses Tacky Tourist Photos?

David Sipress' cartoon "A Family is Visiting Stonehenge" from the July 25, 2011 issue of the New Yorker. (Click on the cartoon if you want to buy a framed and matted copy on Somerset Velvet paper.)

Thanks to TTP reader and contributor Jessica Corona for alerting us to this historic gem.

Given that some of our followers have reduced glorious natural wonders to crass fart jokes and pick the noses of Hall of Fame basketball coaches and Lady Liberty, we understand why some might assume that Tacky Tourist Photos celebrates lowbrow humor. Or that taking silly tourist photos is a plebeian pastime.

But seeing imaginative tourist photo-ops unfold at Stonehenge — we’ll have to try that pose — immortalized in The New Yorker proves that intellectual people appreciate kitschy travel gags, too.

Is cartoonist David Sipress celebrating goofy tourist rituals or is he making fun of them — and us?

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