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Jul '11

Do I look fat in these basketball shorts?

DON'T FEED THE BIRDS: Have YOU tried the Larry Bird Diet?

SUBMITTED BY: Cosmo Macero Jr.   LOCATION: Springfield, Mass. (2011)

There’s no pleasant way to say this, but the Basketball Hall of Fame has immortalized Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird as an anorexic.

It wasn’t Mahatma Gandhi who fought for Celtics Pride against the oppressive Dr. J and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It wasn’t Nicole Richie who teamed up with Robert Parish and Kevin McHale to reclaim Boston’s role as an NBA dynasty in the 1980s.

So why would the HOF sign off on this sculpture?   We don’t know.  But if you’re ever commissioning a sculpture of yourself and don’t want your tush to look too big, it’s now obvious who to hire.

(Cosmo Macero Jr. is a die-hard Celtics fan and a “Heavy Hitter” commentator on the Fox-25 Morning News.)

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