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Jul '11

Boys Will Be Girls

Young Zach re-enacts a classic advertising moment at Hersheypark.

SUBMITTED BY: Beverly West Leach   LOCATION: Hershey, Pennsylvania (1997)

Beverly’s son Zachary (then age 12) captured the spirit of the classic Coppertone Girl ad so well, that we think the suntan lotion company should sign him to a modeling contract.

Especially since the real Coppertone Girl wants to put her past behind her.

Yeah, Zach’s now 26. But the barrier for age and gender has already been broken in this advertising genre. Isn’t that right, Ernie Boch Jr.?

(Beverly West Leach is a graphic designer, artist and beekeeper from Ozark, Alabama. Watch her “girls” make honey at BevWestLeach.com)


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