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Jun '11

The Lowest (and Liveliest) Place on Earth

Kicking is Overrated: Anyone can swim in the Dead Sea!

SUBMITTED BY: Salena Stinchcombe   LOCATION: Dead Sea, Jordan (2007)

No one has ever died from a shark attack in the Dead Sea, making it the ideal place to bodysurf and yuk it up in the mud… The water is 35-percent salt, making it impossible to sink, but still very possible to drown.

You don’t want to swallow this stuff — 20 times more heinous than the chlorine pool, but also 20 times more fun!

Mud bath anyone? The silt at the bottom of the Dead Sea is supposed to have healing and beautifying properties.

(New Zealander Salena Stinchcombe shares her Jordan memories on Flickr.)

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