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Jun '11

Mitt Romney believes in Tacky Tourist Photos

"You're so vain, you probably think this photo-op is about you!"

Wow. Does Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney think that his tush is his greatest political asset?


According to Politico, Romney just posed with some waitresses at a 1950s-style New Hampshire diner and jokingly inferred that one of the women pinched his behind while she had the golden opportunity.

Here’s Politico senior political reporter Maggie Haberman‘s recap:

“In the most bizarre moment of the morning here in Derry, Mitt Romney posed with three or four waitresses at Mary Ann’s Diner, in front of a jukebox.

While posing, Mitt suddenly jumped and said: “Oh, my goodness!” — pretending that a waitress grabbed his butt. Apparently it’s a joke from four years ago, when he claims someone grabbed him at a fundraiser.

It was indeed a joke this time.
“I would never do that,” the waitress said later.

Romney agreed, saying he “was just teasing.”

Just as nerds and geeks have reclaimed those terms as a matter of pride, we here at Tacky Tourist Photos have strived to redefine the meaning of tacky — infusing it with a positive connotation of “kitschy” or “funny.”

However, Romney’s stunt clearly fits the traditional definition of tacky. You can see the whole incident unfold as captured by MSNBC:

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(Interested in other tacky expressions of political vanity?  Check out the Vanity Index, the first mathematical formula to measure Senator egos!)

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