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May '11

Reenacting the Battle of Prada

The Mystery Unravels: What role did fashion purses play in the Battle of Gettysburg?

SUBMITTED BY: Marco Perry LOCATION: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (2011)

Here’s something that Ken Burns neglected to include in his 10-hour Civil War documentary or his coffee table book.

As the stylish South Beach Confederate battalion marched on Gettysburg, they maintained the element of surprise by storing their weapons and ammunition in the latest designer handbags.

If you’re looking for a Civil War cap AND a fabulous purse, Marco highly recommends the Wilderness Lodge Leather and Hat Shop on Steinwehr Avenue.

(Special thanks to amateur historian Michael Ratcliffe for today’s caption!)

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1 Comment » to “Reenacting the Battle of Prada”

  1. Sue Prietz Huggins Says:

    LOL!!! That is awesome!! How did you know that the purses were the secret to the Confederate’s battle tactics???? Thanks for sharing—we loved it!! We love to see our customers having fun in th shop!

    Sue & Dave

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