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May '11

Puritan Justice

SUBMITTED BY: Darren Garnick   LOCATION: Plymouth, Mass. (~1978)

Why is it that so many “living history” theme parks glorify the hazing and humiliation of the past?

Sticking your kids’ wrists between two slabs of wood was the 17th Century equivalent of taking away video game privileges for a week. Yesterday’s torture is today’s charming nostalgia… or maybe the day-after-yesterday’s charming nostalgia.

For whatever reason, Plimoth Plantation, home of the original Thanksgiving, no longer displays a photo-op stockade.

DisneyWorld still does, though.  And possibly Colonial Williamsburg, too.  Has anyone stuck their neck out at the Virginia colony lately?

(Journalist Darren Garnick, pictured as a child on the far left, recently worked for a day as a 17th Century laborer at Plimoth Plantation. Tacky Tourist Photos would love to receive “vintage” travel photos from your childhood. Click here for our extremely user-friendly submission process!)

UPDATE: This just in from the Plimoth Plantation fanpage on Facebook…

“Plimoth Plantation: Love the photo! We realized that they wouldn’t have been there in 1627, so that is why they are not in the Village anymore However, you may have inspired us to add them again outside the Village, as a fun photo opp. Who doesn’t love putting the family in stocks?!”

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