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Apr '11

Good Hands, Bad Manners

Baseball Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio gets a little frisky outside U.S. Cellular Field, a.k.a. "The Cell," a.k.a. New Comiskey Park, before a White Sox game.

SUBMITTED BY: Diane Garnick LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2010)

Luis Aparicio’s Hall of Fame plaque mentions his 1956 Rookie of the Year Award, his nine Gold Gloves at shortstop, his nine stolen base crowns and his career fielding records for double plays and assists.

But it says nothing about his love for the ladies.  By the way, Diane’s shirt reads: “Real women don’t date Yankees fans.”

(Diane Garnick, the “Princess of Perseverance,”  is a Sox-loving — Bosox and Chisox — investment strategist and author of the upcoming career advice book “I’m Smarter Than My Boss. Now What?” You can follow her travel hijinks on her Facebook page).

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2 comments to “Good Hands, Bad Manners”

  1. Ken Says:

    Luis Aparicio suddenly looks like the luckiest Red Sox player ever.

  2. steve Says:

    I can almost see her cheeks turning red.

    You see how ironic it is, even when they’re dead, Red Sox players keep getting the hottest girls.

    Love that t-shirt.

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