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Mar '11

Things to do in Chicago besides the architectural boat tour

Plan B: What to do in Chicago when the Cubs aren't in town.

SUBMITTED BY: Diane Garnick    LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois (2011)

Sure, the Navy Pier Ferris wheel, the funky fountain at Millennium Park, and the architectural boat tour should be on your shortlist, but don’t overlook Chicago’s world class selection of pharmacies!

(Diane Garnick is a Red Sox-worshiping Wall Street guru and founder of Ladies in Red, a charity that requires donors to wear slinky red dresses. She believes her batting stance is significantly enhanced by high heels.)


3 comments to “Things to do in Chicago besides the architectural boat tour”

  1. Carol Says:

    Diane is the most optimistic woman I know. It’s cold, bleak, and gray behind her, yet she manages to wear a red hat and make the most of the situation. We need her back in Boston. MIT misses her.

  2. Malcolm Arnold Says:

    Since you are a baseball fan, would these be the “shots heard ’round the world”? Bobby Thompson may swing a mighty bat but I guess you swing a mightier needle.

  3. Michael Says:

    If Diane Garnick was giving out shots, I would get one every year. No wonder there are more shingles in Boston than Chicago now.

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