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Mar '11

Hanging on for 127 Seconds

Eat your heart out, James Franco!

SUBMITTED BY: Eugene Mirman & Katie Westfall-Tharp
LOCATION: Moab, Utah (2011)

In the majestic Utah desert, not far from where James Franco grimaced for his Oscar nomination in 127 Hours, comedian Eugene Mirman opted not to pretend to saw his arm off with a pocket knife.

Splattered blood is a major turn-off for his girlfriend Katie, who also couldn’t resist the classic cliffhanger pose.

Television set decorator Katie Westfall-Tharp may be ready for her close-up on the other side of the camera.

(According to The New York Times, Eugene Mirman is a Brooklyn comedian known for wearing “schlumpy dark sweaters.” Katie Westfall-Tharp is the designer of the Eugenie Awards, a prestigious comedy trophy fashioned out of a naked Ken doll).

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