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Feb '11

DVD Discovery: “Despicable Me” features tacky tourist photos at the Egyptian pyramids!

We almost fell out of our chairs when we recently saw the opening scene of “Despicable Me,” the Steve Carell animated feature about a villain with poor self-esteem. The first few minutes of the film focus on tourists taking goofy pictures of themselves in front of the pyramids and doing the “Walk Like an Egyptian” pose like the primping Paris Hilton.

Here’s the classic “Holding Up the Pyramids” shot which TTP readers have even seen done in reverse at the Louvre in Paris.

Again with the fat American tourist stereotypes. And the portrayal of tourists being so fixated on their camera lenses that they don’t bother to really soak in their surroundings.

We’re not big on conspiracy theories, but “Despicable Me” tosses out a possible scenario in which the Great Pyramids are stolen and are secretly replaced with cheap inflatable replicas!

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