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Dec '10

Viking Opera Tryouts

Did Viking maidens ever wear tie-dye shirts?

SUBMITTED BY: Michelle and Rob J.   LOCATIONS: Sweden and Iceland (2009/2010)

For years, young brothers Ben, David and Stephen have been jokingly told that their Swedish heritage has some Viking bloodlines. The faux genealogy usually came up when they had to brave cold weather.

So naturally, the boys gravitated to these Viking Opera helmets during family trips to Sweden and Iceland.

Q: So when you’re in an airport gift shop, how can you tell if the charming Viking maidens who greet you are the real deal or not?

A: The Vikings didn’t wear braces.

Viking hat souvenirs at the Keflavik Airport in Reykjavik, Iceland

The smiles give these guys away.

After invading and pillaging European villages, many Vikings spent their loot on orthodontists.

(Braided hats are the latest vacation souvenir rage. See how the Canadians are marketing the silly trend.)

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