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Nov '10

When Disney endorsed public humiliation…

Why have the stockades disappeared from Disney theme parks?

SUBMITTED BY: Stacy G.      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida (1976)

Any loving sister would want to lift you up for the full torture experience.

If only the Puritans knew that their preferred method of torture and humiliation would become a favorite amusement park photo-op centuries later.

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UPDATE: We’re not afraid to admit when we make a mistake. We just learned from an authoritative source who returned from Disney World last week that these stockades are now in Liberty Square, near the steamboat.


3 comments to “When Disney endorsed public humiliation…”

  1. Minnie'sMinion Says:

    They’ve disappeared? Unless they were removed in the past year, they’re at least still at Disney World. My husband and I took a pic in them.

  2. Steve Says:

    Yikes! I’m having flashbacks to Colonial Williamsburg…


  3. admin Says:

    Oh yes, Steve, we LOVE that photo!

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