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Nov '10

Oktoberfest Bunnies & Cows

SUBMITTED BY: Kerry Byrne    LOCATION: Munich, Germany (2010)

Only a few hours into Oktoberfest, the entire city of Munich becomes a giant Facebook page filled with alcohol-induced photo-ops. We have no idea what possesses grown men to dress in pink bunny pajamas and cows with exposed udders when there are no costume parties at any of the beer tents.

But what’s more bizarre is the sudden willingness to put your arms around strangers — extremely strange strangers you have little in common with.

“You like beer, Mr. Pink Bunny? ME, TOO!!!

(Kerry Byrne, aka “The Beer Traveler,” searches the world for the most fascinating pubs and breweries. You can vicariously live through his tastebuds on Twitter.)

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