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Oct '10

Future Plumbers of America

World's Largest Toilet in downtown Columbus, Indiana

SUBMITTED BY: Julie Henning    LOCATION: Columbus, Indiana (2010)

On first glance, there’s something rather distasteful about encouraging your children to frolic in a toilet bowl, even if it is The World’s Largest Toilet. But let’s face it, the ball pit at your local family-friendly arcade/pizza parlor is teeming with way more germs.

It would be fantastic if the alliteration-happy Kids Commons Columbus Community Children’s Museum (yes, try fitting that on souvenir pencils) added life-size bacteria mascots to mingle with visitors by the hand sanitizer. But the KCCCCM did put a motion detector inside the toilet so kids can hear the flushing sound again and again!

Best part of all: When kids get sucked down the plumbing, they don’t wind up in the World’s Largest Septic Tank. Instead they slide down to the floor below for more potty-themed fun!

Shouldn't these kids be doused with blue liquid for the full effect?

Perhaps not so ironic is that Julie routinely uses scatological humor to bond with her children, Calvin, Marie and Owen, pictured above.

“We take a remote-control fart machine with us on the occasional road trip,” she admits. “I put the speaker in my purse and the kids take turns with the remote control. It’s funniest when you stand really close to a stranger or in a large group of people.”

When these kids get older, we’d love to read their “What I Did on Summer Vacation” essays!

(Julie Henning is the “Feed Me” and Geocaching editor of Road Trips for Families. Special thanks to Traci Suppa, founder of “Go BIG or Go Home,” for alerting us to this extraordinary plumbing story!)

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1 Comment » to “Future Plumbers of America”

  1. Julie Says:

    Thanks for the 15 seconds of fame! I love the KCCCCM part – almost enough for their own acronym phone number! I just noticed the giant sink is running! Should we call KCCCCM and let them know? 🙂

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