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Oct '10

Archeologists uncover evidence of tacky photo-ops in the 1960s

Attempt to "lift" the Washington Monument, although this tourist is just pushing air.

SUBMITTED BY: Tacky Tourist Photos     LOCATION: Washington, D.C.  (1965)

Here’s compelling evidence that goofy vacation photo-ops were commonplace during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.

See the fancy black photocorners, boys and girls?  Long ago, there was a thing called “film” that you would put in your camera to be “developed.”  And the photos would be organized into “albums.”

Maybe your parents or your grandparents have these kind of albums.  Go raid them now.  Learn a little bit about your family history and capitalize on your chance to immortalize your legacy.

We love vintage submissions. It makes us feel smart and retro.

As an aside, no one will ever come up with a better Washington Monument pose than hiphop star Kevin Ray!

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